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Teen Health

Teens are less likely to follow through with preventive health care than any other age group, which can put them at increased risk for unexpected health issues. At Sync Health, Angelia Trujillo, WHNP, provides inclusive teen health services, including sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, birth control counseling, and gender affirming care. Angelia also provides a safe space for teens to get their questions about their health, identity, and sexual wellness answered. Call the office in Anchorage, Alaska, to schedule a teen health consultation for yourself or your teen, or book an appointment online today.

Teen Health Q & A

What is teen health?

The teen health services at Sync Health focus on helping teens and young adults navigate the challenges and questions they face concerning their physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health.

The goal of teen health services is to reduce risk factors for long-term health issues and risky behaviors that can result in negative health outcomes. Teens can also access educational resources that help them make healthy choices concerning their health, diet, and sexual wellness.

Angelia encourages teens to take a more active role in their long-term health. She works to establish an open line of communication and trust, so teens feel comfortable sharing important details or asking questions about their own health.

What teen health services are available?

Sync Health offers comprehensive teen health services for all genders and those in the LGBTQA+ community. Services include:

  • Menstrual care
  • Safe sex education
  • Birth control counseling
  • Gender-affirming care
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Sexual and reproductive health counseling
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing

Angelia provides a safe place for teens to speak openly about their sexual health needs and become empowered to stay on top of their sexual wellness. She works closely with individuals to identify their sexual health needs and ensures every teen has access to the resources that support those needs.

What are the benefits of teen health services?

The teen health services at Sync Health offer a judgment-free environment for teens to express themselves openly. Angelia also provides access to the resources that teens need to be physically, mentally, and sexually healthy.

For LGBTQA+ teens, Sync Health offers a safe space to address the challenges of gender identity, sexual orientation, and coming out to loved ones. Angelia can also coordinate support services, so teens don’t feel alone.

Involving teens in decisions about their own health gives them an opportunity to take an active role in their own life early on. Their participation makes it easier for them to stay proactive in the choices they make in life. Teens may also be more likely to stay on top of their preventive health care needs as they get older.

To schedule a teen health consultation for yourself or your teenager, call Sync Health or book an appointment online today.